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翰你設計創立於 2009 年倫敦,由插畫家李翰帶領的設計團隊,創作領域涵蓋插畫、平面設計、乃至於商品,同時也舉辦各種有趣的活動與Project,目前重心在角色創作與授權,作品的最大目的就是分享快樂帶給更多人,幽默與豐富的故事是作品中兩個最重要的元素。
In Haniboi's world, fun, color in life and quirkiness reign supreme! His bold lines, bright colors and clever creations illustrate a life philosophy of fun and optimism. From his commercial work to his creative projects, Haniboi has created an instantly recognizable and simple style that gives us a chance to take a break from the seriousness of modern life.

A graduate of Saint Martins in London, England
career has been recognized in 17 countries around the world with exhibitions of his work and sales of his creations. His illustrations have sought and used by clients such as Nokia, Nike, Adidas, Puma, MTV, Wired and Vogue magazine.
+886 2 2395 5302
Taipei, Taiwan
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